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5 Reasons to Donate to Charity

  1. When you donate to a charitable organization or a non-profit group, the amount you donate is tax deductible. But not only is the money you give tax deductible, so are the amounts you spend on travel, parking costs and even convention and event fees that are related to the non-profit group, as long as you are not being reimbursed by the charity for these expenses.
  2. The act of helping others can create an improved sense of well-being. Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, finances or property in order to help others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life or work and inner satisfaction.
  3. When considering donating to a charity, many people tend to research the issues connected to that organization. As a result, you become more educated about social injustices around the world. You may discover new points of view and opinions on topics about which you were previously uniformed. This knowledge may position you to help increase the awareness of social problems among those in your sphere of influence from a balanced and educated standpoint.
  4. Selfless giving is a key component to many spiritual and religious belief systems. Recognizing that you have taken action in line with your spiritual beliefs by offering your resources to others in need can bring a sense of inner peace and contentment.
  5. After donating financially to a charity or non-profit organization, you may feel an inner pull to become more involved with the cause by donating your time and skill as well. By volunteering, you have the opportunity to build your social circles while reaping the physical, mental and spiritual benefits from the labor you contribute to your favorite cause.

Who Are Homeless Youth?
Young men: 64% of homeless youth (youth are under 25) are male. 91% of these men and 72% of females are between the ages of 19 and 25. Studies have shown that these youth generally leave home around the age of 15.

The Causes Of Homelessness 
People become homeless for a wide variety of reasons - loss of a job, marital breakdown, mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction. But when it comes to youth and children, the reasons tend to revolve around the family.

On The Street 
When youth become homeless, they don’t all automatically end up sleeping on street grates or in doorways. In fact, they end up staying in a variety of places.

How They Earn Money 

  • 36% of street youth earn money by panhandling or “squeegeeing”. 
  • 19% do break and enters or sell drugs.  
  • 18% receive social assistance.  
  • 17% have paid employment.
  • 10% do sex trade work.

The Hazards Of Homelessness 
Living on the street is no picnic. While it’s true that some youth seek the streets for adventure - and are derisively labelled “weekend warriors” or “twinkies” - and eventually return home, most street youth are there simply because there’s nowhere else to go. And on the street there is the constant threat of violence, exploitation, drugs and illness. Article